Republic of Shalampax
An Inane Island in an Insane World


Climatologists have referred to the weather in Shalampax as "unbearable," "atrocious," "not fit for human habitation," "horrific," "dreadful," and "ghastly." We appreciate their desire to sugarcoat it to avoid worsening our state of depression, but we know the truth: our climate is worse than words can possibly describe.

Sharkbatteredbyrocks, the oldest Shalampaxian, remembers once, just once, when it was sunny for a whole day, but she is heavily into drugs and remembers a lot of things that never happened. Most of us think that the sunny day Sharkbatteredbyrocks remembered was one of those things.

Shalampax boasts a number of world weather records, including the following:
Scientists around the world cite Shalampax as proof of the erroneousness of the old myth that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place. In fact, there are few spots on our island that haven't been struck thousands of times just within the span of our short recorded history. Were it not for the near-constant heavy rain that coats everything with an electricity-conducting veneer of water and immediately douses any flames, our palm trees would have burned down long ago.

The only climatic benefit to be derived from living in Shalampax is that it never gets cold here. However it does often get so hot and humid that our chefs steam vegetables by leaving them outside. This technique would also do a wonderful job of taking wrinkles out of our suits in the unlikely event that anyone here ever owns a suit.

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