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Fear of crowds.
Synonym: Enochiophobia

Demophobia is not to be confused with agoraphobia, which is a fear of being trapped in an embarassing situation. Shamlampaxians are often misdiagnosed as having agoraphobia. Agoraphobics' anxiety causes many of them to rarely venture out of their homes. It is this symptom that leads to the misdiagnosis of Shalampaxians. Most of us rarely leave our homes, but it is not due to agoraphobia. It is a consequence of a combination of extreme slothfulness and a lack of any place worth going to in Shalampax.

Why have we included a definition of demophobia on the Shalampax Web site? The only link to this definition is from a use of the word on a page about Shalampax's architecture.

What possible use could we make of the word demophobia in an architecture-related page? Damn, you ask a lot of questions, don't you? Rather than explaining the usage to you here, it would be easier if you read the page yourself. There was a link to it on the first use of the word "architecture" in the previous paragraph. If you don't want to reread the previous paragraph to find it, you can also click here to get to the architecture page.

We included the definition here in the likely event that you don't know what the word means and in the exceptionally unlikely event that you are even lazier than Shalampaxians and can't be bothered to look it up yourself.

If you got to this page through some means other than the link on the Shalampax architecture page, such as from a search engine, never mind; this page is probably irrelevant to you unless, of course you or a loved one suffers from demophobia. In that case, we highly recommend that you seek professional help, but not from a Shalampaxian. We've never successfully helped anyone with anything.

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