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The Arts

It has been said that Shalampaxians don't know the meaning of the word "copyright." At one time, that was literally true. We didn't have a spoken or written language until 1952. Even then, it didn't include the word copyright because Marie didn't teach it to us. (See history.)

Copyright entered our vocabulary in 2002 when Snotfilledtissue, a Shalampaxian with an exceptionally rare trait for our people, namely adventurousness, ventured off our island to visit the United States. He did all of the usual touristy things, including going on a tour of a pet rock factory. While in the facility, he stealthily broke away from the tour group and snuck into the photocopy room where he secretly copied a dictionary that he found lying around in one of the offices. Before his return to Shalampax, he placed the copied pages in a fireproof pouch that he had brought with him for that purpose.

Back home, Snotfilledtissue immediately went to the Shalampax library (see architecture), pulled his treasured souvenir out of the fireproof pouch and began thumbing through it. By a coincident that was so stupendous that the story is now recognized as a one of Paahlm's (see religion) true miracles (although, when speaking of it, we obscure the details for a reason that will soon be apparent), the first word he stumbled on in his unauthorized copy of the dictionary was "copyright." He read the definition and discussed the concept with his friends, relatives and neighbors. They all agreed that, knowing how tightfisted Shalampaxians are and how much they enjoy pirated literature, film and music, it would be best if Snotfilledtissue took the dictionary outside and burned it on the bit of shore that is exposed at high tide, ensuring that the ashes washed out to sea when the tide came in. Snotfilledtissue and the people he discussed it with then agreed to swear ignorance of the definition should any outsiders ask.

(Ironically, we vigorously defend the copyrights on our cult manual and all material found on this Web site. We expect that the proceeds from successful infringements suits will eventually be a significant contributor to our nation's GDP.)

Due to our lack of regard for copyrights of others, the arts in Shalampax is comprised almost entirely of bootlegged copies of videos, CDs and books, along with forged replicas of paintings, photographs and sculptures. There are a few exceptions. To learn more about cases of locally created arts click on the links below.

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