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What's New?

Not much. What's new with you?

No more bullshit about what may not be new when you read it (see below). The Church of Infinitiaty posted a price list for the dispensations it sells.

This is getting tiresome; not for you if you've never seen this page before, but for those of us who have to write it. Most of the stuff below, as is noted several times below, is really old. What's really new is the Infinitiaty page in the Shalampax cult religion catalog. Of course, it's only new if you read this soon after it's written. Otherwise, it might already be old.

Unlike the nonsense below, our page describing how we dispose of garbage is really new. Or, at least, it was new when we wrote it. By the time you read it, it could be ancient. It's not like we're going to be bothered to delete any notices from this page.

We recently added a blog, subject, of course to the caveat that you see reported below that this might have happened a long time ago but we forgot to update this page. It can happen. We're like that.

Well, we recently (recently unless this page has been hanging around unchanged for a long time now) added a page about a dinosaur fossil found on Shalampax.

Whoa! Stop the presses! (I've waited my whole life for circumstances that warranted saying, "Stop the presses!" This isn't it but I grew tired of waiting.) There's now something else new. The first edition of the Shalampax Adhoc, an online newspaper and Shalampax's most authoritative (and only) news voice, is now available. It's publisher has made a solemn promise to publish new issues whenever he damn well feels like it, so check back often to keep up to date on Shalampax news.

Wow, the relatively new stuff just keeps coming! We recently (it was recent when we wrote this, but who knows whether it's still recent when you read it) added an account, titled Frozen Putridsausage, of a moderately important (moderately important compared to the usual incredibly mundane stuff that happens around here) event in Shalampax's history.

Oh yeah, not too long ago, at least not too long ago on a geological time scale, we added a new page to our history section. The new page discusses the interim vocabulary that filled in some of the gaps until we got our hands on an English dictionary.

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